InShot vs CapCut: Which Is Good for Video Editing

Content creators want to add creativity in photos and videos for social media behemoths i.e. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The abundance of choices in the digital market confuses users when they search for a video editor to create captivating content. We are here to provide you with the best analysis of InShot vs CapCut, two prominent contenders to get informed before embarking on the download journey. 

InShot vs CapCut

Comparison: A comprehensive analysis

We scrutinize two editing software based on their multifaceted features. These two unleashing video makers are compared in different aspects. So do not waste your time and dive into the fray, let’s start.


The compatibility of working creates the difference. Inshot stakes its claim for being compatible with Android as well as IOS devices and CapCut is also downloadable on both devices. A PC version extends the dominion of these tools and is available for these video makers.


Pricing is a very important aspect of any application in the economic arena. InShot emerges as a frugal victor trumping CapCut in the race of pricing. You can get a paid subscription of InShot for $3.99 per month while the paid subscription of CapCut is $7.99 per month. 

User Interface of InShot vs CapCut

Video editing software is prioritized based on its user-friendly interfaces. InShot is easy to use for the newbie as well as for professional content creators. CapCut, while formidable, is a bit hard for new editors in creating content of their choice. 


Features essentially determine the appeal to different groups of audiences. Both applications have a wide range of features like trimming, splitting, adding text, filters, music library, and so on. It is fun to create videos with these tools


In the performance battle, both tools stand on equal footing. You can choose any of them for smooth and effective editing. So enjoy the editing experience on the go without many hurdles.


These software are very popular in the editing arena as numbers tell the tale. CapCut has 200 million users while InShot has 88 million downloads and 45 million regular users. The first is rated at 4.5★ and the second one is rated at 4.7★ accolade.


Updates introduce the latest video editing styles for content creators. Both tools heed the call by bringing regular updates to make their users fond of their filters. All versions of InShot are conveniently available on our site.

360-degree visuals

The 360-degree visual effect makes the content stunning. The Inshot app provides this amazing effect and wins the race by providing rich visuals. This revolutionary feature is absent in CapCut.

Editing flexibility

Inshot brings layout which assists in adaptable or flexible editing. Its features are well-organized and easy to locate. It has clarity and simplicity. CapCut empowers users with a plethora of filters making the editing voyage navigable with ease.

Transitions and Audiences

Boring content could be mesmerized by applying different transitions. With the Inshot app, you can add transitions to your videos with one tap which will captivate your audience. CapCut meanwhile, provides trending transitions in different categories.


Watermarks on video content indicate unprofessionalism. In both applications, exported videos have watermarks. Fear not, you can download the InShot mod version from our site which removes the watermark.

Seamless social sharing

Inshot provides a seamless exporting way to share your videos on the digital landscape. You can export your content with one click. In CapCut you can save video as per your choice in various formats like HD, 4K, etc.

User Feedback

People share their opinions on Reddit and Quora. The feedback of users is different. Some extol CapCut for its advanced features while others champion InShot for its easy-to-use interface.


It enables us to communicate with our audience through different filters, sounds, and templates.

When it comes to editing images or making collages, Inshot is far better than CapCut.

It enables short videos only so Inshot Pro is best to use.

Yes, these editors offer a free version. You can download the Inshot free version from our site. 

Mod versions remove the watermark without spending a penny.

Yes, both software are good for editing commercial advertisements. 

Final Thoughts InShot vs CapCut

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